Charitable support

We provide pro bono support, fundraise and maintain corporate partnerships with charities working locally in London.

Helping to make a difference

We are sensitive to the responsibilities we have to our staff and the communities in which we live and work. Participating in activity that encourages ethical behaviour extending beyond Fleet Street Wealth is integral to the morals we hold dear, forming the bedrock of the decisions we make and our approach to business.

We achieve this through a number of ways. Staff are incentivised to assist with fundraising and volunteering events through paid time off, helping to raise awareness for good causes on a regular basis. We offer all staff the option of salary sacrifice in the form of charitable donations and contribute financially as a firm.

Groundwork London charity partnership 2020

In 2020 we increased our commitment to our employees and local communities by forming a corporate charity partnership with Groundwork London – a charity helping London’s vulnerable communities become greener, safer and stronger.

From helping our neighbourhoods increase their commitment to positive environmental outputs to using our staff’s skills to benefit community projects, we are delighted to support an organisation that is bringing people together across the Capital.

In 2020, through their services and activities, Groundwork London aimed to achieve the following targets:

  • 500 young people more motivated to learn and achieve
  • 500 people progressing into training or employment
  • 10,000 days of voluntary action in local communities
  • 250,000 Londoners benefitting from their work

To find out more about what they do visit:

For more details on the charities we support please get in touch.