Through developing a deep understanding of our clients and thoroughly researching their existing position we can determine what financial architecture we need to build and what strategy we have to implement to safeguard capital, increase investment performance, reduce costs, protect the family and prepare for retirement. For companies and trusts we need a thorough understanding of the business or charities’ aims. We can thereafter assist with the review of existing group schemes of charity funds, make appropriate recommendations, implement the changes and manage the situation.

After an initial free consultation we spend time building a comprehensive picture of our client’s financial position. This will involve a fact-finding session, an analysis of current and future expenditure and an assessment of attitude to risk and capacity for loss. New clients are asked for details of existing pension, investment plans and life/medical policies held and are asked to sign a letter of authority to enable us to liaise with the providers and thereby gather research.

Once our Administration Team have received all of the research from providers, our Research Team will analyse the same and, with our client’s objectives in mind, determine their suitability. Aspects such as performance, costs, options and terms are checked and with the help of a Fleet Street Wealth adviser, we will help formulate our suggested strategy going forward. This is the foundation upon which our relationship and ongoing advice is based.

When making recommendations, we draw upon the whole of the marketplace. Unlike many firms, we have no ties to companies and you can therefore be assured that the advice we give is independent and unbiased.

Once a client’s position is correctly established, it is imperative it is regularly reviewed so that investment opportunities are seized, performance is checked and any risks are mitigated.

Our review process includes a compressive assessment of your finances and allows us to revert to clients with details of performance, charges and recommendations on what changes, if any, need to be made.

Our Investment Approach

Fleet Street Wealth is an independent wealth management firm and as such has no allegiance to any investment company.  We have specifically not set up an in-house discretionary fund management offering since this plainly introduces a significant conflict of interest. Instead we remain nimble and, by researching over 50 of the largest investment houses regularly, we can bring a wide range of investment propositions to clients and increase our chances of driving out-performance.

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