We believe offering clients our own discretionary funds introduces a conflict of interest. We want to have the freedom to help move client money without cost so that clients remain within the best performing funds and investment houses at all times. Fleet Street Wealth is an independent wealth management firm and as such has no allegiance to any investment company.

Each year our Research and Technical Teams write to over 50 investment houses both big and small. We invite each to complete a due diligence questionnaire and tender for a seat on our panel. This applies equally to those companies that we have on our panel for the preceding year. Having reviewed the responses we refine the list following any additional questions we may have. A shortlist of companies are then invited to meet with us and subsequently we formally appoint a number to assist us with managing client monies. Our annual review of investment companies includes a negotiation of their fees, agreement not to levy exit charges and enhanced service levels.

The investment marketplace is extremely dynamic and mergers and acquisitions are commonplace. We want to ensure client funds are professionally managed and reorganisation as a result of two companies joining forces or a company being sold does not result in sudden under-performance. In order to identify such activity early, we request that each investment company on our panel provides regular data. This data is analysed by the Investment Committee and should we be concerned by what we evidence, we will decide whether it is sufficient to warrant our recommendation to move to another investment firm. If this is the case, the transfer paperwork is organised by us at our cost.

Our ongoing due diligence incorporates a number of different measures. We look at qualitative aspects such as the investment company’s House View, which sets the tone to which the investment managers operate. It also looks at staff changes, changes in asset allocations, at changes in the mix of active and passive exposure, internal controls and other aspects such as changes in the service delivery. The quantitative analysis looks at, for example, a number of financial measures, performance to relevant benchmarks, historic volatility, the amount of risk the fund is taking, fund changes in the underlying portfolios, cash holdings and at changes in charges

We are totally independent and through this process of whole of market review, analysis and critiquing of investment strategies, funds and companies we identify the very best solutions for clients. Our Investment Committee provides constant oversight and keeps track of this highly fluid marketplace.

We can provide mandates oriented towards income, capital or a mixture of the two and can also arrange to use valuable reliefs such as ISAs and your Capital Gains Tax Allowance by selling assets and reinvesting the monies thereafter. For most of our clients we prepare tax packs to assist their accountants.

By working closely with some of the biggest financial institutions, we create bespoke solutions and access the widest range of assets. We focus on diversification and blended strategies, incorporating both passive and active styles to generate out-performance. However we also run passive only, ethical and single asset portfolios where required.

The thoroughness and ongoing interrogation of data and investment manager alike has resulted in consistent out performance of client portfolios to ARC, our preferred independent benchmark year on year.

All clients have 24 hour access to their portfolios online and we account formally to investors at least annually with a full audit.

For some of our larger portfolios (typically over £15 million) we have bespoke deals with specialist investment companies who may excel in a certain sector or asset type such as UK equities.

Whatever your situation, we can help.

The Investment Committee

The Investment Committee comprises senior members of the Board and Technical and Research team with a revolving contribution from Investment Directors at investment firms sitting on our panel. The Investment Committee sits formally quarterly with at least one panel investment firm present.

The Investment Committee’s main role is to protect client capital, drive up performance and mitigate risks by ensuring all parties behave responsibly, ethically and compliantly and at all times adhere to tight internal controls.

The Technical and Research Teams receive ongoing market data throughout the year which helps shape our proposition, alerts us to future risks and helps us discover new opportunities. Members of the Research Team keep abreast of market data and competitor and provider offerings. Providers that we work with and investment companies we invest through are mandated to provide regular data to the Investment Committee with which they determine the suitability of their ongoing management.