Our investment approach

As a truly independent wealth management firm, we have no allegiance to any investment company.

Truly independent 

We are independent to the core and have specifically not set up an in-house discretionary fund management offering, since this plainly introduces a significant conflict of interest. Instead we remain nimble and, by researching over 50 of the largest investment houses regularly, we can bring a wide range of investment propositions to clients and increase our chances of driving out-performance.

Our research process

Our Investment Committee is responsible for regularly reviewing propositions from the most attractive investment houses. With the help of the Research Team, the Committee requests the completion of due diligence questionnaires and these help them identify those firms that have extensive research capability, have consistently out-performed, that keep volatility low and provide transparent and timely reporting.

There is a tendency for each investment house to excel in certain areas. Some firms perform best with cautious money, others with more aggressive mandates, some are specialists in one geographical sector and some are extremely competent managers of ethical funds. Funds can also be geared to delivering income or focus upon capital growth. In terms of their strategy, some investment houses adopt a blended approach incorporating the use of index or ‘passive’ funds and managed or ‘active’ funds. Of those that operate blended funds some may have a higher percentage of passive exposure than others

By remaining independent and accessing the widest range of propositions the Investment Committee can find a solution for all clients from within the the best performing investment houses whether that be with a focus upon the UK, a particular asset class or within those companies that offer a sustainable contribution to society and the environment.

Ongoing process

Companies that appear on our panel provide regular data covering a wide range of financial metrics including performance to benchmarks, asset mixes, the amount of risk the fund is taking and the underlying charges. The Investment Committee also keep abreast of the House View (within which the investment managers operate) and the internal controls that help us better predict performance and anticipate adverse changes.

As part of our regular analysis, the Committee looks at organizational changes that might help identify those companies preparing for a merger or acquisition. At such a time as this, a company typically takes steps to improve its image. In investment terms this means presenting itself as lean and fit. This frequently involves cutting costs such as staff and research, centralising its proposition (thereby focusing upon costs rather than net performance) and marketing more. These events can have a detrimental effect upon performance.

Fleet Street Wealth is totally independent and through our process of ‘whole of market’ review, analysis and critiquing of investment strategies, funds and companies, we strive to identify the very best solutions for our clients. Our Investment Committee provides constant oversight and keeps track of this highly fluid marketplace.

Tailored to you

By working closely with some of the biggest financial institutions, we create bespoke solutions and regularly review them. Whilst we run both active and passive portfolios, we believe that, over the long term, diversification and blended strategies will provide higher returns incorporating both passive and active styles to keep costs down and generate out-performance through selection of assets, geographical sectors and currencies.

The number of new clients requesting that their investments have a positive impact on the world and opting for ‘green’ mandates increases each year. These help prioritise the alignment of their investments with their values, whether these are focused on the environment, society, sustainability, or on their faith. Key issues include climate change, clean energy, environmental degradation, community engagement, human rights, labour standards and corporate governance. We apply the same rigorous standards to ethical investments as we do to all other investments, with a strong focus on performance, risk and charges.

Achieving results for you

Our ongoing analysis of data and investment manager alike, has resulted in consistently strong performances against ARC, our preferred independent benchmark, year-on-year.

Our investment approach has been designed to give clients complete peace of mind, the ability to access their portfolios at any time online and provide a complete audit including an annual costs and charges disclosure.

If you would like an independent assessment of your finances from a market leading, Chartered Wealth Management firm then please do get in touch with us.

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Whether you are an individual, trustee, charity or a corporate client, our range of services are designed to meet all of your financial needs. There is, however, far more to our firm than the products and services we provide.

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Charitable support

Our ethical standards extend beyond our professional services. We provide pro-bono advice to certain sectors and bodies and actively encourage our team to volunteer within the local community; raising funds for smaller charities in particular.

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