Services for charities

Assisting charities and trustees in the management of investments, with a particular focus upon capital preservation and the provision of sustainable income within the guidelines set out within the Trustee Act 2000 and Charity Commission guidelines.

‘Third sector’ experts

We have plenty of experience in dealing with the ‘Third sector’ and the unique financial obligations they are subject to.

Whilst the Trustees Act 2000 freed up the investment powers of trustees, there are still certain obligations trustees must adhere to when looking to invest monies. Similarly the Charitable Commission outlines guidance on investing charitable monies and as long as these are followed it is unlikely trustees will find themselves open to criticism.

By gaining a clear understanding of the trust deed or governing document we can work with the trustees and investment companies concerned to ensure the mandate is adhered, that they account to us regularly on both costs and performance. We will ensure funds are accessible to allow the trustees to meet their financial obligations. We typically appoint more than one fund manager to provide diversification and reduce risk further.

Below are some of the services we offer.