Are you paying too much?

At Fleet Street Wealth we see no need to charge more if you're investing more, instead we charge a fixed initial fee for each recommended transaction.

Consider this:

The time spent setting up an investment account, pension, ISA or life policy etc. is not affected by the amount being invested so why do many financial advisers still charge a percentage of the amount paid into the plans? 

Fleet Street Wealth see no need to charge you more just because you’re investing more. We simply charge a fixed initial fee for each recommended transaction, regardless of the amount.  We also cap our ongoing fees for larger accounts.

Next consider this:

When organising various recommended transactions at the same time there are significant economies of scale however why are initial fees rarely discounted in such a situation?

Fleet Street Wealth recognise the time and cost savings in arranging several transactions at the same time and discount initial charges accordingly.

Independent to the core

With financial advice in mind, Fleet Street Wealth believes having no bias includes not having an in-house investment firm.

Fleet Street Wealth provides recommendations after reviewing the whole of market for life assurances, investments, pensions and mortgages. This includes some of the UK’s biggest investment firms and we negotiate discounts on management fees where possible.

You can read more about how we are paid here.

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