It’s important to make your home stand out from the crowd of online listings when looking to sell and to make it appeal ‘virtually’.  

Here are some of our top tips for catching the attention of scrolling buyers:

A picture paints 1000 words

A good photo can make the difference between a quick sale and an ignored listing. Bright, professional photographs of uncluttered spaces will make a better impression than quick snaps taken on your phone. It’s also important to include attractive pictures of sought-after features in your listing.

Accurate pricing

You could have the world’s best photo, but you’ll still struggle to sell an overpriced property. In fact, pricing correctly has been proven to double your chance of achieving a sale.


Most property sites will allow you to attach keywords to your listing to help the right buyers find it. If you have a feature you would like to promote, such as a south-facing garden or high-spec kitchen, then make sure you include these.

You should also include these keywords in your property description. Think about the characteristics you love about your property, and make sure your enthusiasm comes through in the description.

Video tour

Many agents are now offering this option, so including one could help you seal the deal.

Let us help

There’s so much to do when selling a property. We can take the pressure off finding a suitable mortgage, so you can concentrate on presenting your property for maximum online interest.