Sustainable funds – a new records

Data from industry tracker Morningstar shows that 2021 started with continued European interest in sustainable funds, attracting all-time high inflows of €120bn in Q1, 18% higher than the previous quarter. Climate funds proved to be top of the preferred list, with six of them featuring in the top 10. The number of sustainable funds available continues to grow; 111 new sustainable funds launched in Q1.

Jabbed population are financially optimistic

Those who have already received their COVID-19 vaccination are reported to be more optimistic about their finances than those who are yet to have their jab*. As well as giving people a feeling that the worst of the pandemic may be over, the jab also seems to be providing people with financial optimism about both investing and their own financial position. Nearly half (48%) of those who have had the vaccine believe now is a good time to invest, compared to 39% who have not yet received the jab.

*Aegon, 2021