Charities and trusts

We understand and appreciate the unique financial demands involved in running a charity.

Expert guidance

With obligations spanning a range of stakeholders such as donors, regulators, volunteers and beneficiaries, the establishment of a bespoke investment mandate is essential. We take time to recognise the various components of your strategic goals, providing guidance on how best to achieve these.

With a history of providing advice to charitable boards, we possess a wealth of experience on how to execute financial initiatives that directly sustain your long-term plan. Delivered through a highly personal touch, we will take into consideration a range of factors that correspond to this, covering specific commitments to donors, capital and income requirements, expenditure patterns, attitude to risk and current investment initiatives.

Our support for the charitable sector is firmly engrained into our ethos, evidenced by the work we do through volunteering and fundraising initiatives. We aim to leverage these values alongside our expertise to provide you with practical and effective support.

“Fleet Street Wealth helped guide us through the maze of regulations to implement an auto enrolment pension scheme. They carried out a market review to recommend the best provider and then provided practical support to implement it, including meeting with staff to explain the plan. The ongoing expert support from Fleet Street Wealth is a great reassurance when dealing with this complex area.” MD, National Legal Charity