Barristers and the judiciary

We are one of the largest providers of financial advice and wealth management services to the Bar and judiciary. We look after members from within most of the London sets and act as adviser to most of the main legal charities. Furthermore, we are a Bar Council Partner.

Expert advice on Mortgages, Pensions, Investments (Onshore & Offshore), Protections, Estate Planning & Esoteric Investments

We are proud to be a Bar Council Partner. We recognise the issues you face in regard to self employment and the need therefore to set up and review benefits that are otherwise widely available within the employed sector such as life cover, income protection, medical cover and pension entitlement. The end of the tax year presents significant opportunities, this year perhaps more than ever. It’s important to ensure that in January and February you take expert advice to ensure that you benefit from those opportunities.

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Self employed income can be very unpredictable and this may at times make it difficult to secure mortgage finance. We have a deep reach within the mortgage market and can suggest those lenders more open to lending to members of the Bar.

The pressures of court and of chasing aged debt leave little time to organise and review your affairs. We recognise this and focus upon service delivery. We drop off and collect post and forms from most members of the Bar by hand and our London office is based in Temple making us extremely accessible.

We can help formulate a financial plan that is geared specifically towards achieving your personal objectives. Sophisticated cashflow management helps to identify future income and capital requirements as early as possible, thereby giving clients the best possible chances of achieving their goals.

“I have been with FS Wealth now for 12 years and continue to be impressed with their professional and objective advice re my investments. They are highly cerebral with their strategy and I would recommend them as the company to use for future financial planning.” BC, Queen’s Counsel

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