Media and entertainment professionals

Working as a media professional can be fast-paced and at times, chaotic. Few other sectors are as dynamic and the frequency with which one changes roles and companies can frustrate one’s attempts to plan.

Accomplish a sense of equilibrium

We understand that issues like these can have a detrimental effect on achieving a healthy balance across your work and personal life.

We can help you accomplish a sense of equilibrium by taking firm control of your finances. By utilising a wealth of experience from working with others in the sector, we possess the relevant expertise to implement an effective investment strategy that is bespoke to you. Considering the various perks associated with a career in media, as well as your unique financial position, our team of experts will work hard to understand your goals and add often much needed structure and discipline.

By utilising cash flow modelling, we can help build a picture of likely future income. We can forecast the effect of different scenarios, such as buying a holiday home, downsizing, passing assets to children or retiring early. This helps us determine what needs to be done to achieve future goals as early as possible and thereby increase the chances of achieving them.

Whether that is driving up performance, protecting you and your family against critical events, helping a child on to the property ladder, planning for life beyond retirement or passing assets to the next generation, we can help.

“I’ve been a client of Fleet Street Wealth for five years now, and I feel very secure and comfortable investing with them. In large measure this is down to the personalities of the staff, who are not only experts in their field and people of the highest integrity, they also bring the human touch to all our transactions, with a patience and good humour which – unlikely though it may sound – can even make conversations about complicated financial topics rather enjoyable.” JM, TV Producer and Director