We are used to dealing with those subject to the Independence Rules and work closely with investment firms to ensure your financial interests remain separate from those firms you audit.

An established reputation

We work very closely with accounting firms, indeed many recommend us to clients.

We understand the complex challenges one might face following the move from salary to equity partner and the associated loss of employee benefits such as death in service, critical illness and a company pension scheme.

Achieving balance is essential; in regard to the demanding work you undertake, your personal life and your financial arrangements. Our dedicated team of experts are here to help. Regardless of your ambition, we will build a holistic picture of how to best plan and execute your financial strategy; making your wealth work hard for you.

By utilising cash flow modelling we can help build a picture of likely future income. We can forecast the effect of different scenarios such as buying a holiday home, downsizing, passing assets to children or retiring early. This helps us determine what needs to be done to achieve future goals as early as possible and thereby increase the chances of achieving them.


“I have been a client of Fleet Street Wealth for many years. In that time I have always received a great service. They are efficient and responsive and I have always felt that they are completely on top of my financial affairs.” NH