Additional benefits

Increasingly companies and charities are having to extend the package of benefits available in order to attract and then retain the best staff. 

A range of options

This may include (and not limited to) any of the following: 

Death in service cover pays a lump sum to a surviving spouse, child or loved one helping them to do things like meet immediate and ongoing bills, cover the costs of relocating or modifying their property or provide continuing support. 

Insuring key staff against long term disability or illness and the subsequent inability to work. These types of of plans can pay either a regular benefit or lump sum to claimants. This can be used to provide an ongoing income to cover living costs and ongoing bills or used for other purposes such as modifications to a property.

Private medical cover can often provide more immediate assistance than the NHS, can help to attract and retain staff and help the employee get back on their feet quicker. On a group level this can be provided at reasonably low cost.

Our Employee Benefits Team will work with you to understand your charity, what is important, your aims and your budgets. We can assist with annual reviews of your benefits to ensure they remain competitive in both contracts and cost. Lastly and most importantly, we can ensure that your staff understand the benefits available to them and the value these provide.