Investment of charitable funds

Running a charity is complex. Whilst the Trustee Act 2000 introduced some flexibility to the way trust monies can be managed, the Charity Commission has clear guidelines on what is expected of trustees.

Establishing suitable strategies

With varying considerations and an array of stakeholders to satisfy, the running of a charity requires sensitivity, a wide range of skills and an enormous investment of time. The management of charitable funds requires great thought particularly in respect of future capital and income requirements and how best to provide for that whilst preserving capital. We can help by working with you to understand your current situation and needs before establishing a suitable and robust strategy.

We will take into account a wide range of factors, from investment preference (such as ethical criteria), likely time horizons, access and risk appetite. Once we have a clear understanding of the charity’s aims and goals, we can help shape the future investment process.

Fleet Street Wealth is committed to the charitable sector and this is ingrained in our corporate culture and evidenced by the company’s and staff’s commitment to the not for profit sector. Fleet Street Wealth provides pro-bono assistance to a number of charities, raises funds for its preferred charities and encourages staff through paid time off to assist as volunteers.