Medical professionals

Part and parcel of becoming a medical professional are hectic schedules and time-pressurised environments. 

Organising your financial affairs

Juggling these demands alongside personal commitments outside of work can be challenging and achieving the right balance is essential. That is where we can help.

We have extensive experience in dealing with GPs, dentists, surgeons, consultants and other healthcare professionals and can help organise your financial affairs, relieve you of the administrative burden and put in place a long term strategy. By doing so, our aim is to facilitate an environment that enables you to focus on patient care; safe in the knowledge that your financial affairs are being well looked after.

By working closely with you to establish individual mandates, time horizons, level of risk aversion and needs, we will build a holistic picture of how best to structure your investments. Brought to fruition through either an advisory or discretionary service, we are flexible in providing a bespoke approach to meet your goals. Whether that is working towards a certain type of lifestyle in retirement, saving for your children’s education costs or simply growing your wealth, we can help fulfil your aspirations.

By utilising cash flow modelling, we can help build a picture of likely future income. We can forecast the effect of different scenarios, such as buying a holiday home, downsizing, passing assets to children or retiring early. This helps us determine what needs to be done to achieve future goals as early as possible and thereby increase the chances of achieving them.