We can assist with mortgages in a wide range of circumstances, including residential mortgages, buy to let mortgages and specialist areas such as equity release.

Our approach to mortgage planning

Our focus is firmly upon delivering a bespoke and seamless service.

We are well accustomed to complex client affairs when it comes to mortgage arrangements, including the additional obstacles sometimes faced by self-employed applicants.  After reviewing your circumstances and your goals we will identify the lender and product that works best.

Through utilising a range of technical experience and expertise, we offer a comprehensive analysis of the market independent of any lenders, thereby providing impartial mortgage advice that you can trust.

We include direct-to-consumer mortgage products in our analysis (the deals that only you could get yourself from a high street bank) so that you can be confident that we are covering every angle and are not constrained only to those lenders offering commission to mortgage brokers.

If you would like a no-commitment independent assessment of your mortgage arrangements from a market leading, independent Chartered wealth management firm then please do get in touch with us.  Our initial consultation is free and involves no credit checks.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Equity release/Lifetime mortgages

A lifetime mortgage is a long-term loan where you borrow money secured against the value of your home. It is one of the main types of equity release. It allows you to release a tax-free cash lump sum or take a regular income from the value of your property. Typically the loan does not need to be repaid until the last borrower dies, moves into permanent residential care or if the property is sold.

You continue to live in and have ownership of your home. Keeping ownership of your home means that you continue to benefit from any rise in the value of your property. If there is any money left over from the sales proceeds after the loan is paid off, it will go to you or the beneficiaries of your estate.

Taking out a lifetime mortgage is a big decision and it might not always be the best solution. Before recommending you proceed, our advisers will holistically review your circumstances to make sure that a lifetime mortgage is appropriate. We will provide you with a personalised illustration so that you can understand the features and risks.

Fleet Street Wealth only works with lenders that have demonstrated their commitment to the highest safeguards and guarantees for consumers by joining the Equity Release Council, an industry body dedicated entirely to the protection of plan holders. We will also only ever recommend a lifetime mortgage product that comes with a ‘no negative equity guarantee’. This means that you or your beneficiaries will never need to repay more than the sale proceeds of your property.

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